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Sometimes what we hear … we wish we hadn’t.

Knowledge alone is not power… what you do with it is!

Why do Negotiation Club Members Grow From Negotiation Strength to Negotiation Strength? club night observation Jan 19, 2024



Sergio, a dedicated club member hailing from Italy, led last night's exhilarating negotiation practice session for the TNC EUROPE Club.

Sergio, who manages the ...

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APAC Negotiation Club Concludes Session 3 - Observation & Feedback apac club night observation Apr 04, 2023

I was absolutely blown away by the insights demonstrated in session 3 of today's meeting of the AOC TNC Club!

The journey to start a future APAC TNC club took a big step forward today as our...

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A magical moment at club night last night. club night observation Mar 17, 2023

What a GREAT Negotiation Club Night we had last night!!!!!!


As always we connected virtually from across the globe for the negotiation club meeting, which continues to be an exciting and...

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