Negotiation Courses

Correcting the BIGGEST learning mistake everyone makes with our Negotiation Skills Course!


At The Negotiation Club we strive to eliminate the biggest mistake everyone makes when learning a new skill: not practicing it. We emphasise and dedicate ourselves to ensuring that you can apply what you learn, making our negotiation skills course unique in the world because they combine theory with practice. Long after you have completed the course, this simple but fundamental enabler will continue to help you improve your negotiation skills.


Because training in negotiation skills without practice is like eating a sandwich without any filling.

The Secret To Success In Any Negotiation Skills Course:

Application of Knowledge

In our courses on negotiation, practice is key.  It allows individuals to apply the theoretical concepts and skills learned during training in real-world scenarios. It bridges the gap between theory and practical application, helping individuals develop a deeper understanding of how to implement what they have learned effectively.

Skills and  Development

If you're looking for negotiation classes near me, practice is crucial for skill development and mastery. Repetition and reinforcement through practice enable individuals to refine their techniques, improve their performance, and build muscle memory, leading to greater competence and expertise over time.


Experience and Confidence

Our negotiation courses offer valuable experiential learning opportunities through practice that cannot be gained through training alone. By facing real challenges, making mistakes, and learning from them, individuals develop confidence in their abilities and become better equipped to handle similar situations in the future.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Practice exposes individuals to a variety of scenarios and contexts, allowing them to adapt and respond effectively to changing circumstances. Our negotiation courses help individuals develop flexibility in their approach, problem-solving skills, and the ability to think on their feet; essential qualities for success in dynamic environments.

Courses for Business

Transform your approach to negotiations with a negotiation skills course that not only teaches effective strategies but also provides ample opportunities for participants to practise, refine, and perfect their skills.

"A great course which is not your standard sit-through-a-presentation course. You really do learn while doing. I would strongly urge anyone to take part."

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Courses for Graduates & Apprenticeships

Elevate your emerging talent with highly engaging courses on negotiation that deliver a practical learning experience with our innovative negotiation gaming approach. It truly makes skill development not only enjoyable and effective but immediately impactful.

"TNC has been a fantastic opportunity to practise skills I would have never gotten the chance to practise otherwise. I will carry forward the skills, tactics, observation, and advice from Phil forward into my degree and career."

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Courses for University Student Societies

Elevate your society members experience with our negotiation training workshop designed to meet the top qualities students seek in a society.  A unique blend of relevance, inclusivity, engagement, professional development and community-building with the help of our negotiation classes.

"Phil and TNC helped us run negotiation focused sessions to up-skill our members, as well as generously judging competitions we organised. The sessions received positive feedback as being engaging and providing a practical environment to practice negotiation skills."

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Negotiation Courses For The Lone Wolf!

On your own ... We have you covered.

Join other individuals to unlock the key to mastering negotiation with The Negotiation Club's 'Open' monthly course. Gain hands-on experience and hone your skills through immersive practice sessions, ensuring you're equipped to navigate any negotiation scenario with confidence and finesse. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your negotiation prowess.

"Joining the Negotiation Club has been a transformative experience that provided a dynamic and enriching environment over the past four weeks."

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