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club night observation Jan 19, 2024



Sergio, a dedicated club member hailing from Italy, led last night's exhilarating negotiation practice session for the TNC EUROPE Club.

Sergio, who manages the TNC Club Italia, brought a unique perspective and expertise to the discussion because a key component of this engaging meeting was ...... Active Listening!



It's easy to describe, but hard to develop, since it requires full concentration, understanding, responding, and remembering.

In our humble opinion, “Observation” is perhaps the most critical skill of a negotiator, and active listening is an essential component of this skill.

It involves not just hearing words but also interpreting the speaker's emotions, intent, and underlying message.

A crucial aspect of successful negotiations, since it fosters deeper understanding, creates rapport, and establishes a solid foundation for collaborative work.



Sergio designed an interactive and dynamic exercise to focus our skills in Active Listening. The role-playing scenario detoured from our normal activities and demonstrated the progress members have made from their practice sessions.


Sergio led constructive feedback sessions with members.  In addition, Jose acted as a neutral observer who had not read either of the role-playing scripts.

There will be a ripple effect from this meeting.

This was not only a very enjoyable meeting to attend, but we identified another opportunity for progress that we hope to share with our members in the near future.


- Well done to everyone who attended and a HUGE thank you to Sergio.

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