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Professional skills are enhanced by regular practice since regular practice reinforces learning and enhances retention. Research has shown that a skill acquired in a single session can diminish over time if not practised consistently. Our training is unique because we provide frequent, short practice sessions crucial to maintaining proficiency. Your teams can practice little and often, solidifying their team skills and achieving mastery to ensure long-term success and continuous improvement.

Unleash Your Business Potential with Advanced Negotiation Training and Practice

For your company to succeed, you depend on your employees to negotiate the best possible deals. They should be able to accomplish this by working with internal stakeholders across multiple functions, taking into account the challenges we all face, and working towards your negotiation strategy. That is especially true in today's global economy, where business transactions transcend geographical borders and cultural differences.

This may be why negotiation skills are among the most important competencies for business professionals across all industries, and what makes us successful or unsuccessful depends on our ability to negotiate effectively. Whether you're negotiating with suppliers, negotiating contracts, or navigating complex partnerships, professional skills like negotiation are vital.

That is why we provide negotiation training designed especially for business professionals because negotiation skills aren't just a desired attribute; they are an indispensable skill that can make the difference between success and failure with one fundamental understanding: To truly master negotiation, you need a compelling combination of training AND practice.

Negotiation in Business: Get practical and actionable insights that you can apply immediately.

Whether you are a seasoned procurement professional keen to tweak your knowledge or looking for sales negotiation training insights, our Negotiation in Business Training can help you take your negotiation skills to the next level. Our negotiation expert will be available to answer your questions and provide personalised feedback on your negotiation skills.

Negotiation Skills In Action...

Team Skills

Teams adept at negotiation demonstrate resilience, adaptability, and commitment to shared success. That's because effective teamwork depends on enabling collaboration and alignment toward common goals and a team's ability to navigate conflict in a constructive manner can be a strength.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders rely on negotiators for their knowledge of complex discussions, power dynamics, overcoming obstacles, and brokering beneficial deals.  Negotiators who are effective understand stakeholder perspectives, balance those discussions, and manage these dynamics, making this skill crucial to company success.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills enable professionals to deal with complex challenges and mitigate risks, and negotiation is a crucial part of the process. A good negotiator is your best problem solver because they can cultivate an environment of continuous improvement through their ability to bridge gaps, innovate, and drive business success.

Risk Reduction

In business, negotiation skills are instrumental in reducing risks by aiding transparent communication and managing expectations when finding the right solutions. Any professional adept at negotiation employs risk-reduction strategies to negotiate contracts, resolve disputes, and mitigate uncertainties. They can help businesses remain stable and sustainable in an ever-changing business environment.

Negotiation Strategy

In any business, bureaucracy can be extremely frustrating. But skilled negotiators can cut through red tape, streamline workflows, and remove unnecessary barriers. Any professional skilled in negotiation will anticipate challenges so that they can negotiate preventative measures and develop contingency plans, enabling smoother operations and fewer disruptions.


Professionals proficient in negotiation are known for their abilities to optimise processes and leverage resources effectively. They are capable of collaborating effectively with partners, vendors, and internal teams to explore new ideas, secure resources, and develop innovative products. These skills can also be applied to understanding and meeting customer needs, as well as resolving conflicts. All of which can increase profitability and business satisfaction.

Francisco Cosme

Superb experience with a level of effectiveness much higher than traditional trainings where practice is close to nothing. ell done for transforming such a complex topic into a really easy process.

Lawrence Jellicoe-Smith

I've got far more value out of each session than I could have imagined and I've really enjoyed the practical element of negotiating. I think this speaks volumes to TNC's talent and skill make these sessions super fun. This has been one of the best courses I have taken in a long time and I would definitely recommend signing up!

Maria Rinaldi

Quick and effective learning course. You will learn more than from a course of multiple hours thanks to its practicing opportunities between the participants.

Why Our Negotiation Training is a Game-Changer for Your Professional Skills


Unique Value Proposition

Transform your approach to negotiations with immersive training that not only teaches effective strategies but also provides ample opportunities for participants to practise, refine, and perfect their skills.

Comprehensive Skill Development

Our course, led by leading negotiation expert Phillip Brown, offers more than just negotiation theory. Our negotiation training uniquely enhances professional skills such as critical thinking, leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence, which are necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Structured Sessions

Choose from 4, 8 or 12 interactive sessions, delivered through Zoom by expert facilitator Philip Brown, focusing on practical, real-world negotiation tactics.

Cohort Flexibility

Each cohort accommodates 8 - 12 participants, ensuring personalised attention and collaborative learning.

Exclusive Resources

Participants receive a Negotiation Practice Deck of¬†Negotiation Cards¬ģ¬†¬†and a prestigious "TNC Negotiation Certificate" upon completion.

CPD Accreditation

Each Graduate is awarded a Certificate of Participation and 6 CPD hours to contribute towards any industry association of further qualification.

Cost Effective

  • Four sessions start at ¬£127 per person per session (ex VAT)
  • Eight sessions start at ¬£107 per person per session (ex VAT)
  • Twelve¬†sessions start at ¬£93 per person per session (ex VAT)

What does each session entail?

S1: Negotiation Introduction

'New' can be uncomfortable, and when it comes to practising negotiation skills for the first time, there will be many anxieties at play.

This session is about making the teams comfortable with practising negotiations with others and introduces the use of Negotiation Cards¬ģ as a means to practice using one controlled variable.

S2: Practice with Purpose

Each and every one of us negotiates, but we very rarely understand what it is that we're doing. This session introduces negotiation tactics in a non-theoretical but practical approach.

Delegates have access to a number of key negotiation tactics in advance of the session and will then attempt to ‚Äúpractice with purpose‚ÄĚ a tactic during their negotiation.

S3: Observation Skills

We often fail to articulate the negotiation ‚Äústory‚ÄĚ, and in this session, we introduce methods of recording observations and use these observations to deliver peer-to-peer feedback.

This form of Observation will elevate your team's ability to impact the value of any negotiation.

S4: Multi-Variable Negotiations

Negotiations can be complex, and this session introduces multi-variable Negotiation Cards¬ģ for challenging negotiations.

Additional techniques are shown for recording the movement in a negotiation and how preparation is critical to negotiation success.

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Negotiation Strategy

Negotiation strategy and planning are essential for achieving desired outcomes. Through meticulous preparation, setting clear objectives, and anticipating potential challenges, negotiators can navigate the complexities effectively. It takes skill and practice to develop a well-defined strategy. To take your negotiation journey to the next level, create your own Negotiation Cards to prepare for real business negotiations. This will help your organisation leverage its strengths and maximise value.

S5: Negotiation Preparation

Preparing for negotiation can make a huge difference, but we often lack the time and experience.

The purpose of this practice session is to identify the two types of preparation and show how to prepare and practice so that they become easier to prepare on a routine basis and so give you the best chance to make preparation a success.

S6: Rejections in Negotiations

Despite being part of the negotiation process, rejection can also be emotionally challenging, leading to mistakes in judgement.

In this session, we explore two critical rejection forms and practice them to gain a stronger understanding of rejection.

S7: Bespoke Negotiation Card

In this session, we will use our Job Knowledge to create bespoke Negotiation Cards that will be used in negotiation practice.

As a result of this activity, we can consider both sides' needs and interests to begin addressing them in the negotiation process.

S8: Bespoke Negotiations

This session will utilise the Negotiation Cards we developed in Session 7 to practice specific real-world negotiations to improve our practical understanding of negotiation practice and preparation.

It is through this type of negotiation practice that theory and practice can be brought together in a way that prepares individuals for real-world negotiations.

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Team Skills

When it comes to negotiations, team skills can be a game-changer! Pooling talents and resources can help teams navigate complexities, build rapport, and negotiate successful solutions. As with any team, they must practice together, understand each other and appreciate one another. Experience the benefits of team sessions with The Negotiation Club.

S9: Team Skill - Observer

The key skill of observation will be revisited in this session, as well as being integrated as part of a negotiation team comprised of two participants.

Using Multi Variable Negotiation Cards, we practice preparing and conducting negotiations using Google Sheets as a communication tool.

S10: Team Skill - Data Manager

The role of the Data Manager is revisited in this session and integrated as part of a negotiation team comprised of two participants.

Using Multi Variable Negotiation Cards, we practice preparing and conducting negotiations using Google Sheets as a communication tool.

S11: Team Practice

During this session, we bring together teams of three, which include three roles, and we practice negotiation using the Multi-Variable Negotiation Cards to help us sharpen our skills in negotiating.

To enhance negotiated outcomes, we continue to expand the use of Google Sheets as a communication tool in a team.

S12: Team Practice

This session continues our powerful exploration of team negotiations by focusing on our three roles and practising them with the Multi-Variable Negotiation Cards.

An effective negotiation team transcends any single function and is recognised by stakeholders across the organisation.

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