Enhance Your Negotiation Skills with Negotiation Cards

Negotiation Cards are designed to be the most effective training kit for practising and honing your negotiation skills. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned negotiator, these cards provide a practical and interactive way to improve your strategies and outcomes. Imagine transforming complex negotiation theories into actionable, real-world tactics with just a deck of cards.


Negotiation Cards: The Ultimate Training Tool

Levels of Difficulty: 
Negotiation Cards offer varying levels of difficulty, allowing you to practise from simple, single-variable negotiations to complex, multi-variable scenarios. This progression helps you understand the crucial differences between straightforward and intricate negotiations, enabling you to test and refine your own tactics and strategies in a controlled environment. Think of it as levelling up in strategy card games, where each level challenges and enhances your skills.

Negotiation Cards

Bring Books and Training Courses to Life

Have you ever felt the frustration of reading insightful negotiation books or attending comprehensive negotiation courses, only to find it challenging to apply these lessons in real-world situations? Philip Brown the Negotiation Expert and the founder of The Negotiation Club created the Negotiation Cards to bridge this gap by providing a hands-on way to implement and practise the advice and techniques taught by negotiation experts. Imagine finally being able to try out those strategies you've read about in your favourite educational card games.


Why Choose Negotiation Cards?

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in hands-on practice to internalise negotiation concepts and techniques. It's like being inside the world of strategy card games, where every move matters.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced negotiators. Whether you're starting with basic educational card games or advancing to more complex negotiation training exercises, there's something for everyone.
  • Real-World Application: Test out strategies in simulated scenarios before applying them in actual negotiations. Just like practising in learning card games, you'll gain confidence and skill through repetition and challenge.
  • Skill Enhancement: Improve your Emotional Intelligence, mediation skills, and ability to handle complex negotiations. These are essential skills not only in negotiation games but in everyday life as well.

Negotiation Cards are more than just a game; they're a powerful educational tool that brings theoretical knowledge to life. Whether you're looking to enhance your personal negotiation skills, train a team, or provide a dynamic learning experience, Negotiation Cards offer a versatile and effective solution. Imagine becoming a master negotiator, equipped with the best strategies from both negotiation training exercises from our negotiation courses and negotiation training games.

Start your journey towards becoming a master negotiator today with Negotiation Cards! Transform your approach to negotiation and see how these cards can make a real difference in your skillset and confidence.

Enhance Your Negotiation Skills Now!

Ready to take your negotiation skills training to the next level? Order your set of Negotiation Cards today and start practising the art of negotiation with confidence and skill. Whether you're engaging in strategy card games, educational card games, or specific negotiation training games, these cards are your key to success.