Negotiation Podcast

A unique experience with The Negotiation Club


Be more than a spectator... Get involved!  This series is all about giving you the opportunity to participate, practice your skills, share your thoughts and even give real-time feedback to others who are negotiating. Find out more by scheduling a call.

POPUP Negotiation Interviews

There is a great deal we can learn from professionals, students and other negotiation experts who are prepared to share their own insights and experiences.

Our POPUP live negotiation interviews are a great way to listens in and to ask your own questions.

Broadcast live on LinkedIn and through our own YouTube Channel where youcan also catch up with previous recordings.

POPUP Negotiation Practice

This unique LIVE broadcast of a negotiation practice uses Negotiation Cards to create negotiation experiences that we can learn through observing.

The event is broadcast LIVE on LinkedIn and through our YouTube Channel, where you can catch up on recordings.

POPUP Negotiation Discussions

Negotiation is a huge topic that transcends geography, age and religion which means there is plenty to discuss.

The event is broadcast Live on LinkedIn and through our YouTube Channel, where you can catch up on recordings.

Interviews with Phil Brown:Insights on Mastering Negotiation Skills

Explore a collection of enlightening interviews with Philip Brown, the founder of The Negotiation Club, where he shares his expertise on negotiation skills and the power of practice.

Known as the "King of Practice," Philip delves into his unique approach, combining personal skills, effective communication, and the importance of being liked to excel in negotiations.

Listen to Philip's discussions with various podcast hosts, including Tony Anagor, and gain valuable insights into the art of negotiation, emotional intelligence, and the innovative use of Negotiation Cards. Click the links below to read and listen to these engaging conversations and enhance your own negotiation abilities.