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Welcome to the only community focused solely on enhancing YOUR negotiation skills training through practice with others. Join us for cutting-edge Professional Development Courses that go beyond theory to deliver real, actionable skills.


Master Negotiation with Our Unique Approach

Traditional professional development courses often overemphasise theory, lacking practical application. The Negotiation Club fills this crucial gap by offering dynamic, practice-oriented sessions that ensure lasting mastery of negotiation tactics with our Negotiation Skills Training Club.

Elevate Your Skills in Sales and Leadership

Unlock your leadership potential and enhance team management skills with our specialised negotiation courses. Our methods integrate advanced sales techniques and effective negotiation tactics to empower you to lead with confidence and efficiency.

Why Choose The Negotiation Club?

  • Practical Skills: Developing practical skills through engaging, consistent practice sessions.
  • Learning by Doing: Hands-on experience in every session to reinforce lessons that last a lifetime.
  • Tailored Content: Our courses range from Professional Skills to Graduate Training in Negotiation. Each course incorporates advanced Sales Techniques and Leadership Skills Training, ensuring that the content is designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for Negotiation training for the Lone Wolf to enhance your negotiation prowess or part of a Student Society aiming to develop professional skills, our courses are crafted to provide the essential training you require.

Philip Brown, your Negotiation Expert.


Philip Brown is one of the most recommended negotiation experts, with over 400 Google reviews, following a successful 30-year career in procurement.

His innovative training resources, including Negotiation Cards and expert guidance in negotiation leadership, provide a robust strategic framework that enables individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and drive unparalleled success and business profitability through effective negotiation practices.


"His lessons were planned in a way where we were able to spend the majority of time practising our negotiation skills with peers, allowing us to become more comfortable and knowledgeable in doing it."

- Christopher Leadley

"Anyone who's role depends on negotiations should take this course.  In a few weeks you can really learn to sharpen your negotiation skills"

- Otto Sung

"If you truly want to know how to negotiate, these are the Sessions to take! Challenging, fun, and most importantly, super rewarding!

- Louiza Hadjicharalambous
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Join The Negotiation Club today and take your professional skills to the next level with our negotiation courses focussing on practicing that  leadership skills training with our advanced negotiation tactics. Elevate your career as part of a community that promises absolute, lasting impact.

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Learn how to master negotiation skills with our negotiation courses.

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With our negotiation skills training club you can practice your negotiation skills with others.

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As we all learn about negotiation skills, we love to share our thoughts and insights... especially when it comes to negotiation practice.

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