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Negotiation Course

This Award Winning programme has received outstanding reviews. It will enhance your professional and personal development. The Negotiation Club's practical workshops are the best choice for your professional development if you are looking for expert negotiation courses that will give you invaluable skills that transcend academia, enhance your business success, enhances your confidence, and elevates your CV.

Negotiation Courses for the Individual 

Transform your negotiation skills with our workshop! Tailored to meet the needs of individual learners, our program offers a diverse range of topics, interactive sessions, and professional development opportunities. Through engaging activities, participants develop essential negotiation skills while connecting with like-minded peers and building a strong support network.

Our inclusive environment ensures that every participant feels empowered and valued, regardless of background or experience. By actively engaging in our workshop, individuals not only enhance their skillset and career prospects but also form meaningful connections and friendships that extend beyond the workshop setting. Join us and elevate your negotiation prowess today!

Kelly-Ann Grimes

Small Business Owner

"I am a Personal Assistant and I own Pink Spaghetti Stratford upon Avon.

What I found particularly useful as a business owner is as part of my sales process ‚Äď understanding the different tactics you can use, reading and observing your client and being able to confidently negotiate."

Lucy Pickett

Global Procurement

"I was keen to learn how to amend my position without getting flustered - particularly when I was thrown curveballs.

At times on the course I was forced to eat humble pie - and that has only served to improve me as a professional and has been etched in my mind when I approach future real life scenarios in my work life."

Kate Pryer

Law Student

"Whenever I had to negotiate in my previous role, I always felt slightly out my depth. I felt that as a woman, I would not be taken as seriously or that I would be seen as being too 'forceful' or too 'demanding.'

Your four sessions have greatly increased my confidence in being able to negotiate in a constructive and positive way."

Increased Confidence

Through practice and skill development, you will gain confidence in your negotiation abilities. As you become more proficient in handling negotiation scenarios, you will feel more self-assured and assertive, empowering you to advocate for your own interests effectively.

Career Advancement

Negotiation skills are highly valued in professional settings and can lead to better job opportunities and career advancement. When you can negotiate effectively you are often seen as valuable assets to the organisations, capable of securing favourable deals, resolving conflicts, and driving business success.

Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurs benefit from negotiation skills when securing deals, partnerships, and investments. Negotiation training equips entrepreneurs with the negotiation techniques and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of business negotiations and achieve entrepreneurial success.

Academic Excellence

If you are a student then you can improve academic performance through negotiation skills in debates, presentations, and group projects. Negotiation training helps students develop critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills, leading to academic success and achievement.

Communication Skills

Our negotiation courses focus on improving both verbal and non-verbal communication abilities. You will learn how to articulate your thoughts clearly, listen actively to others, and convey messages effectively, leading to better understanding and collaboration.

Conflict Free Personal Lives

By applying negotiation techniques to personal relationships, you can cultivate healthier and more fulfilling interactions. Negotiation skills help you communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and build stronger connections with friends, family, and loved ones, leading to happier and more harmonious personal lives.

This Negotiation Course Will Set You Apart For All others.

Our negotiation courses, crafted by Philip Brown, the Negotiation Expert, draws upon 30 years of experience and provides an immersive learning experience. Each session is designed to challenge, stimulate, and foster a rapid development of essential skills.

Unique Value Proposition

This is not your traditional 'Death-By-Powerpoint' approach.  Our delivery provides a uniquely fresh perspective, high energy and laser focussed on the skills to all organisations are seeking in their young professionals. Our programme is crafted to enhance these inherent qualities.

Comprehensive Skill Development

We offer more than just a negotiation course. This negotiation training develops critical thinking, leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence, which are crucial for workplace success.

Structured Sessions

Immerse yourself in 4 highly interactive sessions, delivered through Zoom by expert facilitator Philip Brown, focusing on practical, real-world negotiation tactics.

Open Attendance

Each cohort accommodates 6 - 20 individuals participants like yourself.  We ensure personalised attention and collaborative learning.

Negotiation Certificates

We always celebrate success and it's vitally important you can showcase your achievements.  We provide you with our prestigious 'Negotiation of Participation' Certificate which you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

CPD Accreditation

Acquire up to 6 CPD hours (Continuous Personal Development) contributing towards any industry association of further qualification.

Cost Effective

  • Module 1 (4 sessions) costs ¬£425¬†(ex VAT)

Negotiate The Cost

Because THIS course is OPEN to individuals and we know it can be a challenge for an individual to afford .... So contact us and negotiate a 'Fair' price for the course.

It's not just about the money... there are plenty of other non financials we could negotiate on.

"If you don't ask... you don't get"

Module 1: Master Negotiation Skills

S1: Negotiation Introduction

'New' can be uncomfortable and when it comes to practicing negotiation skills for the first time there will be many anxieties at play.

This session is about making the teams comfortable with practicing negotiations with others and introduces the use of Negotiation Cards¬ģ as a means to practice using one controlled variable.

S2: Practice with Purpose

Each and every one of us negotiates but we very rarely understand what it is that we're doing. This session introduces negotiation tactics in a non-theoretical but practical approach.

Delegates¬†have access¬†to a number of key¬†negotiation tactics in advance of the session and will then attempt to ‚Äúpractice with purpose‚ÄĚ a tactic during their negotiation.

S3: Observation Skills

We often fail to articulate the negotiation ‚Äústory‚ÄĚ and in this session we introduce methods of recording observations and use these observations to deliver peer-to-peer feedback.

This form of Observation will elevate your teams ability to impact the value of any negotiation.

S4: Multi-Variable Negotiations

Negotiations¬†can be complex, and this session introduces multi-variable Negotiation Cards¬ģ for challenging negotiations.

Additional techniques are shown for recording the movement in a negotiation and how preparation is critical to negotiation success.

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