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Discover the Power of Chat-Based Negotiation at The Negotiation Club

ai negotiations club night tactics tip Jun 07, 2024
Negotiation Techniques of Chat Based Negotiation

Last night's Negotiation Club meeting was nothing short of exhilarating. The club members gathered over Zoom, not just to refine their negotiation skills, but to engage in a unique practice session that pushed the boundaries of traditional negotiation.

Read more about why this session was so fascinating with real-time chat interactions and the depth of engagement that can unfold in the chat. The dynamics of negotiating over text brought to light several intriguing aspects of communication and strategy as well an important warning for the future!


Our negotiation club meeting session was special as it involved negotiating using only the chat facility, while still incorporating the essential Negotiation Cards and Negotiation Tactic Cards. The focus was on utilising tactics like the "Professional Flinch" and "Pause, Consider, Respond" but in a text-based format.


The Power of Dictation in Text Negotiation

One key element that emerged as incredibly effective was the use of the dictation function on our PCs. By dictating our responses, we were able to stay focused on the content of our messages rather than the act of typing. This not only saved time but also ensured that our thoughts were conveyed more accurately and fluidly. The benefit was especially noticeable between members who typed compared to those that use dictate facility in the negotiation.

Negotiation Psychology: Brave and Soft Communication

Another interesting observation was the difference in how we communicated in writing compared to face-to-face interactions. Some members found themselves being bolder in their written language, perhaps due to the lack of immediate physical presence of the other party. On the other hand, some opted for a softer approach, carefully considering their words to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

Negotiation Tips: for Negotiating Over Text

For those looking to practice their negotiation skills over text, chat, or even WhatsApp, here are a few tips that emerged from our session:

- Utilize Dictation Tools:

Use the dictation function to speak your messages. This helps you focus on your thoughts and strategy rather than getting bogged down by typing.

- Pause and Reflect:

Before sending your message, take a moment to pause, consider your response, and ensure it aligns with your negotiation strategy.

- Be Clear and Concise:

In text-based negotiation, clarity is crucial. Make your points clearly and avoid lengthy messages that might be misunderstood.

- Monitor Your Tone:

Written communication can sometimes come across differently than intended. Pay attention to your tone and ensure it matches your intent.

- WARNING: Be Cautious of AI Responses

In the future, AI will be able to read text and formulate responses, and while this capability is already available it's not widely accessible yet.

So remember, if you are not literally seeing the person in front of you respond, you may not even know who the other person is. This adds a layer of complexity and requires additional vigilance.


Practicing negotiation skills in a safe environment like The Negotiation Club can transform your approach to real-world negotiations.

The insights gained from such practice sessions, even when they seem simple, can make a significant difference. We encourage you to join us and experience firsthand how practicing your negotiation techniques can change the game.

Whether you are looking to improve your negotiation preparation or searching for effective negotiation training exercises, our sessions provide the perfect platform.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and the skills you hone today will be the tools you wield tomorrow.


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