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Negotiation Expert - Philip Brown


Philip Brown, one of the most recommended negotiation experts with over 250 Google reviews, brings invaluable insights from a successful 30-year career in procurement.

His innovative training resources, including Negotiation Cards and expert guidance in negotiation leadership, provide a robust strategic framework. This enables individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and drive unparalleled success and business profitability through effective negotiation practices. 

Negotiation Expert Trainer Philip Brown

"Phil was an amazing host, easy to speak to, delivered the sessions perfectly. However, I must say his motivation and outlook on everyone's negotiation was amazing."

- Jerome Mascarenhas

"If you're looking to enhance your negotiation skills, this is the only place to go!"

- Marcus Hill

"Coming into these session I did not know what to expect but now I feel confident in my skills and that is because of Philip. His teaching methods are invaluable as they are interactive."

- Aisha Naseem



Dip your toes into the world of negotiation and join a fast growing Negotiation Club Community!

Explore possibilities, gaining insights into refined negotiation skills, diverse perspectives, and empowering opportunities.

No matter your experience you will be welcome in this thriving, fun network that is discover the art of negotiation with us!

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Unlock your potential at the Negotiation Club!

Dive into a dynamic space where you practice negotiation skills regularly with other students, gaining confidence, and embracing diverse viewpoints.

Master a skill set that propels you towards exciting opportunities and successes in your future career.

Join us and shape your journey to success through the art of negotiation!

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Joining a negotiation club is a strategic move for honing negotiation skills.

As a career professional we ignore negotiation practice at our peril but as a professional member in a supportive environment, you'll gain confidence, by refining these skills and not only elevating your professional prowess but also open doors to new opportunities and career success.

Join us and empower your negotiation journey!

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Whether you are a student about to enter the job market, a professional aiming to advance your career, or an enthusiast eager to sharpen your abilities, The Negotiation Club offers the best negotiation training designed just for you.

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Experience practical learning at its best. At The Negotiation Club, we believe the most effective way to learn is by doing. Our structured sessions simulate real-world negotiation scenarios across various industries, making us a leader in online negotiation courses.

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  • Participate in Regular Practice Sessions: Engage in exercises that replicate real-world negotiations to refine your tactics.
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  • Access a Comprehensive Resource Library: Enhance your learning with our curated collection of articles, videos, and guides on advanced negotiation tactics.

Join a Supportive Community: Connect with a network committed to continuous improvement and success in negotiation.

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  • Practical Negotiation Exercises: Challenge and improve your negotiating abilities through targeted training.
  • Expert Feedback and Support: Receive personalised feedback to help identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Resource Library: Access our extensive collection of negotiation resources.

Community Support: Engage with a community of like-minded individuals focused on negotiation mastery.

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