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the negotiation challenge Aug 15, 2023

It's all about practice at The Negotiation Club; but what else can you do with negotiations?

Compete in competitive negotiations of course!

Which is why we are looking forward to supporting The Negotiation Challenge and those individuals who are beginning their personal campaigns to show off their negotiation skills.

The Negotiation Challenge has been running for 15 YEARS and is the brain child of our good friend Remigiusz (Remi) Smolinkski, a passionate negotiator himself.

Competitions such as The Negotiation Challenge push the boundaries of negotiation skills and strategic thinking:

  • Developed in a dynamic, immersive environment, it challenges participants to learn effective communication skills and negotiate wise agreements in order to build sustainable relationships.
  • It attracts brilliant minds from all over the world, representing diverse cultural backgrounds and academic disciplines.
  • As well as showcasing negotiation skills, it fosters cultural exchange and advises on effective negotiation strategies.
  • Aside from improving negotiation skills, participation in The Negotiation Challenge facilitates the understanding of diverse perspectives, fosters connections, and enhances problem-solving skills.

There are many benefits to participating in The Negotiation Challenge that go beyond the competition itself.

Realistic negotiation scenarios prompt participants to exercise critical thinking under pressure, adapting strategies to varying contexts and opponents. The feedback from seasoned judges and peers grants a novel vantage point, enabling the refinement of strengths and the mitigation of weaknesses in negotiation approaches.

More than a competition... a network too!

Furthermore, the competition serves as an exceptional networking avenue, fostering connections with kindred spirits, experienced professionals, and academics who share an affinity for effective communication and astute decision-making.

Who Should Consider It?

For those aspiring to careers in law, business, diplomacy, or any field that hinges on robust negotiation skills, The Negotiation Challenge furnishes both the experiences and tools necessary for excellence and a meaningful impact on a global scale.

If you want to find out more about The Negotiation Challenge, then visit

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