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An ALL Female International Women's Day Cohort

cohorts uol Mar 30, 2023

A sad night when I had to say goodbye to the amazing ALL female cohort from The University of Law!

Women all over the world celebrate March 8th every year, and this year was no exception.

However, this time on National Women's Day, we actually had an all-women cohort get together for the first time, taking the first steps toward preparing themselves to be better negotiators.

The goal of this course was to learn how to better negotiate. In the next four weeks, we practiced our negotiation skills once a week, with a focus on hands-on practice.

In contrast to traditional negotiation courses, this course prioritized practice over theory... even if it involved apples 🤣

Also, I was impressed with how quickly the group bonded over their common experiences, becoming each other's cheerleaders as we tackled increasingly difficult negotiation scenarios.

It's always sad, but the group celebrated how far we've come since that first session on National Women's Day as the four weeks came to an end last night. Not only had we learned new negotiation skills, but we'd also gained confidence and enjoyed the experience.

I think it's possible that a new passion for negotiation and a desire to improve their skills was started and several were eager to continue attending club meetings.

It might have seemed that this was an all-female group coming together to learn negotiating, but I feel we gained so much more than that; new friendships, more confidence, and perhaps a chance to inspire a new generation of great leaders, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and negotiators.

My congratulations go out to every participant who completed the negotiation training program successfully, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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