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A magical moment at club night last night.

club night observation Mar 17, 2023

What a GREAT Negotiation Club Night we had last night!!!!!!


As always we connected virtually from across the globe for the negotiation club meeting, which continues to be an exciting and unique experience for all participants.

Members gathered from the US, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria and UK last night to practice and develop our negotiation skills in teams.

That's right.... it was "TEAM PRACTICE NIGHT"

Being conducted over Zoom really does allow us to communicate and collaborate with ease, despite the physical distance between us. Although it still requires practice to work together!

Following a short discussion about the new TNC website in development, we split into teams and began practicing negotiations using "Multi Variable" negotiation cards.

As a result of these cards, we were able to negotiate with different variables and they proved to be incredibly effective in practicing our negotiation skills.

A very interesting aspect of the meeting was that we used both an Italian and an American Card, which meant that some of the information in the negotiation was different, which made it even more challenging. This added to the complexity of the negotiation process, further testing our ability to adapt and adjust our negotiation strategies as needed.


We had a great negotiation practice session, and there was one moment when a negotiator observed a reaction by the other side that offered incredible insight.

It is especially these moments which takes practice and such a pleasure to see but the next step was always going to be a question of whether they could make use of that.

During negotiations, even the smallest details can provide valuable insights that support better outcomes. This experience reinforced the importance of paying attention and observing what's happening.

As a whole, the club meeting was fantastic, and everyone left feeling much more confident about their negotiation skills.


Our next meeting will take place in two weeks, and we are looking forward to continuous learning and improvement.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in joining us as a guest.

Taking part in this program offers a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow with people from around the globe who share your same interests.

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