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Nottingham Law School Unleash Their Students Negotiation Skills

nottingham law school skills students workshop Jun 09, 2023
An image of a group of law students practicing their negotiation skills using the Negotiation Cards


Ever found yourself in a situation where you had all the knowledge and information about negotiations, yet struggled to apply them effectively?

You're not alone.

Many individuals face the challenge of bridging the gap between theory and practice when honing their negotiation skills and it's not about knowing the information; it's about having the opportunity to put that knowledge into action.

At this years NLS Mediation Summer Event at Nottingham Trent University, 82 (yes, 82!) #Law Students did just that... and they had a blast!


Negotiation is an art that requires finesse, adaptability, and experience. While understanding negotiation concepts and strategies is essential, true mastery comes from practical application. It's through practice that we truly appreciate how a lesson taught will work and how it might not work in every situation.


Consider how we learn to ride a bicycle. No matter how well someone explains the mechanics of pedalling, the principles of gravity, and the dynamics of inertia, you cannot truly learn to ride a bicycle until you get on one and experience it firsthand. You have to feel the wobbling, the fear of falling, and the exhilaration of finding balance through trial and error.

.... The same principle applies to negotiations!



In negotiations, there are no shortcuts to practice. It's in the midst of real-life negotiation scenarios, whether simple or complex, that we develop our skills. Practice allows us to refine our strategies, adapt to different personalities and situations, and understand the nuances of effective communication.

Each negotiation encounter presents a unique set of challenges and learning opportunities that cannot be fully grasped through passive learning alone.


Embracing the learning process means being open to making mistakes and learning from them. Just like falling off a bicycle, stumbling in negotiations is an inevitable part of the journey towards improvement. Each setback offers valuable lessons that shape our future negotiations. With each fall, we learn to adjust our approach, fine-tune our strategies, and build resilience. It's through these experiences that we gain the confidence and expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of negotiations successfully.


Remember, true negotiation mastery is a journey, not a destination. It requires patience, dedication, and continuous learning. Embrace the challenges, embrace the falls, and never shy away from the opportunity to put your knowledge into action.

These amazing Law Students did exactly that!


"To truly excel in negotiations, theory provides the foundation but, practice is the key."


Happy practicing!

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