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Be very careful ... Of what decade you still think you're negotiating in?

ai negotiations negotiation skills Mar 19, 2024
A title that highlights AI will not be the biggest change to negotiation skills this decade

Because of those personal skills... they're coming back with a vengeance!

First of all, we must realise that negotiation is a personal skill that establishes a specific type of social interaction between people or groups.

It is critically important for individuals to be able to Observe, Listen Actively, Empathise and to use Emotional Intelligence when dealing with others.

Over millennia, these skills have evolved and have been fundamental to human dominance on earth.

During the centuries, there have been instances where individuals gained an "upper hand" and did very well but these have often been isolated and perhaps linked to some form of competitive advantage.

Nevertheless, the last 50 years have seen an explosion in technology... which has changed negotiation behaviour dramatically, especially in the west and in commercial negotiations.

But we think there are changes that any keen negotiator needs to recognise and let us explain it this way;

1980's Negotiations

In the 1980s ... Traveling to and from offices is often required for face to face negotiations, with confirmation through physically posted documents.

► Observation skills ........ HIGH
► Listening skills ............. HIGH
► Emotional intelligence.. HIGH
► Technology skills.......... LOW

1990's Negotiations

In the 1990's ... Increasingly, negotiations are conducted over the telephone, with new technologies such as fax machines being used to exchange documents.

► Observation skills ........ MEDIUM
► Listening skills ............. HIGH
► Emotional intelligence.. HIGH
► Technology skills.......... LOW

2000's Negotiations

In the 2000's... In the early years of the internet, instant communication via email has become more common, with negotiations increasingly taking place via email.

► Observation skills ....... LOW
► Listening skills ............. LOW
► Emotional intelligence.. MEDIUM
► Technology skills.......... MEDIUM

2010s Negotiations

In the 2010's ... Software solutions flood the market, funnelling #negotiationexchanges through restricted access portals that require pre-qualification criteria, and giving rise to the "buy-now" button.

► Observation skills ....... LOW
► Listening skills ............. LOW
► Emotional intelligence.. LOW
► Technology skills.......... HIGH

2020's Negotiations

In the 2020's ... In the wake of the Corona virus, the work environment has changed in favor of working from home. With advancements in technology enabling instantaneous, cheap video conferencing, it's time to negotiate in person once again.

► Observation skills ....... HIGH
► Listening skills ............. HIGH
► Emotional intelligence.. HIGH
► Technology skills.......... HIGH

What this means...

It just so happens that AI has taken a real dominance in many peoples thinking but that belays the fact that our negotiation arena has taken a significant jump... backwards!

We are now negotiating in person more than ever!

But due to the changes in habits over the last 40 years we literally have a generation of "Professionals" who have less exposure to real, in person negotiation than any generation before it and now.... EVERYONE is negotiating in person (what do you think video conference is!)

That loss of exposure means many individuals really lack personal confidence, lack experience and lack exposure.

All businesses will eventually understand the need for in-person-negotiation training because without it they will be the ones on the wrong end of the competitive advantage.

The good news...

We have born witness to incredible personal skill enhancement, individual confidence and greater success through practicing our negotiations using video conference technology and for those that have joined us on this journey ... OMG!

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