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AI Negotiations?... be careful what you wish for!

ai negotiations Feb 28, 2023

There are many definitions of negotiation but we, at the TNC liken it as...

"A social interaction between two parties, starting with different positions, coming together, to find a satisfactory outcome."

Times change and perhaps you've heard of developments and a growing interest in AI and AI Negotiations.

We're not sure what the definition of "AI Negotiations" will be but we suspect it will NOT be what we expect; if technology and history is anything to be accounted for.

Good Intentions.... "eat me!"

An example of fantastic technology... opening up many wonderful opportunities from 3-D printed organs to 3-D printed space rockets.

What about...

☠ The ability to print weapons.
☠ The ability to by-pass importation duties
☠ The ability to "copy" and reproduce IP
☠ The ability to create illegal items

It would seem that for all the 'good intentions' there are some very creative 'bad intentions' that are very quick to adapt technology to their own goals.

OOOhhh.... what a smorgasbord of curious Pandora boxes this could mean.

Perhaps it will be used for 'good intentions', negotiating the outcome in difficult situations, mediations, disputes, commercial contracts.... the Ukraine war?!

Interestingly AI is about machine learning... being able to adopt and take lessons from earlier 'experiences' based on rules and observations.... who's rules?

What about those that might have a 'bad intentions'.

❖ An AI Favourite...
Perhaps they could "tweak" the AI to favour one party over the other?

❖ Facial Monitoring...
Perhaps the AI can "monitor" the faces of the other party and provide advantages to the "side" with AI?

❖ Making it Fair...
It could make it "Fair" ... Fair to whom, who decides what is fair?

For all the good intentions in the world it is truly amazing how creative those with poor intentions can be.

We're not aware of any legislation, laws or central body that is assessing and advising on this subject.

It's precisely because of our human differences that we can negotiate so perhaps, for the time being... practice your own negotiation skills and let the robots rule the world another day.


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