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University Society

Ideal for students!

If you are a Student, possibly a member of a University Negotiation Society, then meet others students and practice together.

  • Organise Competitions
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Maximise Your Skills

If your work involves negotiating then you need to practice... practice here with other professionals across the globe.

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Purchase Negotiation Cards

Negotiation Cards are the most effective training kit for helping you to practice your negotiation skills.

  • Levels of Difficulty

Practice with single variables to multiple variables. Finally we can begin to understand, through practice, the important differences between simple negotiations to complex negotiations and try your own tactics and strategies.

  • Bring Books and Training Courses to Life

Have you ever read an amazing book with great insight into negotiations but had no way of trying it out.  Perhaps you have attended a great negotiation training course and shown amazing lessons but have no way to repeat the lessons.  With Negotiation Cards you can now try out negotiation advice given by experts and see for yourself if it will work for you.

  • Mix It Up

Boost learning with specific Negotiation Tactics to practice on purpose, Negotiation Skills to boost your Emotional Intelligence and even Modification Card Decks to assist developing mediation skills or dealing with disruptions and difficult characters.

An image showing a variety of different negotiation cards that can be used in negotiation practice.