*** Practice Stakeholder Negotiations ***

What is negotiation?

Quite simply, negotiation is the highly personal skill of problem-solving. It is the art of creating an agreement between two parties that start from a difference of position.

How do we improve?

Like all personal skills the road to improvement, to confidence, to mastery comes through regular, structured practice.

As Einstein once said....

"In theory, theory and practice are the same.

In practice they are not."

The important role played by internal stakeholders should never be overlooked in any negotiations.  Here we explore how the Buyer-Supplier Negotiation is, in fact, a combination of a multitude of internal stakeholder negotiations which are often required to deliver any single durable deal.

The TNC “Internal Stakeholder Negotiation” Practice Sessions continue the unique approach to practical negotiation practice, the hall mark of the TNC, by broadening actual experience through practice, extended understanding and equipping your procurement teams with increased confidence and style that maximises their delivery of the full negotiation process. Each session includes:

Session 1 – Negotiation Practice Refresher (90 minutes).

This session starts with a refresher of the TNC methodology, as forming a “Practice Habit” is critical for building effective negotiation skills.  We also start to highlight skills central to internal stakeholders and their role in the negotiation process.

Session 2 – Internal Stakeholders and Data Gathering (90 minutes).

Internal stakeholders have a key role to play in compiling all the multiple negotiating variables that form part of any negotiation. Session 2 introduces who internal stakeholder are, their role and the effective ways that we can gather information and work with them.  In this session you learn about data (variable) management and start practicing negotiating in different roles. 

Session 3 – Observing and Managing Internal Stakeholder’s Variables (90 minutes).

Understanding the perspectives of internal stakeholders is vital to the success of most organisations’ negotiations. In this session we observe each negotiation and look at how these are identified, prioritised, and managed. 

Session 4 – Internal Stakeholders and Outside Influences (90 minutes).

However good the plan is, things change.  In this session we look at securing the best outcome when the situation is changing as you negotiate.  During this session we practise working cross functionally as additional information can change how we need to negotiate, and which tactics should be used. 

Session 5 – Sustainable Internal Stakeholder Relationships (90 minutes).

In this final session, we look at how forward planning and understanding the wider business agenda can help with managing stakeholders.  We practice using scenarios to pull together everything we have covered to reduce risk and maximise value.


What do I need to know?

What should I do now?

As they say "our best intentions mean nothing without taking that first step to realisation" and that is your decision to take.

Contact one of the TNC Coaching staff here to discuss when you can start your journey.