*** Practical Negotiation Practice ***

What is negotiation?

Quite simply, negotiation is the highly personal skill of problem-solving. It is the art of creating an agreement between two parties that start from a difference of position.

How do we improve?

Like all personal skills the road to improvement, to confidence, to mastery comes through regular, structured practice.

As Malcolm Gladwell once said....

"Success has to do with deliberate practice.

Practice must be focused, determined, and in an environment where there is feedback."

We cannot learn skills from books, videos and demonstrations alone.  Success, in any endeavour, is built on actual practice and for those companies who encouraged regular practice of negotiation skills, find themselves constantly outperforming every other company they come across during their negotiations.

This TNC Module forms the basis for ALL other negotiation practice sessions by introducing a format and an approach that delivers confident, competent successful negotiators.

Session 1 – (90 Minutes) Introducing Negotiation Practice

'New' can be uncomfortable and when it comes to practicing negotiation skills for the first time there will be many anxieties at play.  This session is about making the teams comfortable with practicing online negotiations with others and introduces the use of Negotiation Cards® as a means to practice using one controlled variable.

Session 2 – (90 Minutes) Practice with Purpose (Tactics)

Each and every one of us negotiates but we very rarely understand what it is that we're doing.  This session introduces negotiation tactics in a non-theoretical but practical approach.  Each Cohort member will be sent copies of negotiation tactics in advance of the session and will then attempt to “practice with purpose” a tactic during their negotiation.

Session 3 – (90 Minutes) 'Observation & Feedback'

We often fail to articulate the negotiation “story” and in this session we introduce methods of recording observations and use these observations to deliver peer-to-peer feedback.

Session 4 – (90 Minutes) Multi-Variable Negotiation Practice

Negotiations can be complex, and this session introduces stage 3 Negotiation Cards® that requires multiple variables to be negotiated and agreed.  Additional techniques are shown for recording the movement in a negotiation and how preparation is critical to negotiation success.

What do I need to know?

What should I do now?

As they say "The best made intentions mean nothing without taking that first step to realisation" and that is your decision to take.

Contact one of the TNC Coaching staff here to discuss when you can start your journey.