There are many fine Negotiation Training companies out there, some very accomplished Negotiation Coaches and some inspirational Negotiation Gurus.

But we recognise that no matter how many books we read, how many videos we watched and no matter how many training courses we attended... we needed to practice to become better!

Out of this fundamental need The Negotiation Club was born ... a place where like minded individuals could meet regularly to practice their negotiation skills in a safe environment where mistakes are welcome and lessons learnt.



A Kid With A Camera!

Many many years ago I helped my father as he delivered some of the earliest negotiation specific training courses in the UK. During this time, acting as the camera man responsible for videoing mock negotiations over Rubber Gloves and Goliath Cranes, a passion to learn negotiation was born.


A Return To Training

Having graduated University and joining an International Graduate Scheme I happened to attend the very same Negotiation course my father gave, but this time as an attendee. Once again, the fun of training left me with an itch to know more ... and be better.


A Great Course But Something Is Missing

Another Negotiation Course, but with a difference. I realised that negotiating as a lone wolf was like a missing puzzle piece .. I needed a "Negotiation Buddy" who could watch me and I could watch back, identifying areas of improvement and testing new tactics and methods... for the big picture!


Time to Do Something

Having spent four years attending a Public Speaking Club it was time to take the best bits of this club format and combine them with a thirst of Negotiation practicallity to create the right type of format for professionals to practice Negotiation Skills.


Creation of Negotiation Cards

The great thing about Public Speaking Clubs is the ability to jump into a speech. Nothing on the market allowed the same for Negotiations. Everything was based on pages of explanations... so I created the Negotiation Cards and practicing negotiation skills took a giant leap forward!


The Negotiation Club (TNC) is Born

Across the country "Taster" sessions are delivered to validate our ideas and check out interest ...It's all good! So if you want to start your own club, become a member of a club or just want to practice your negotiation skills with a pack of cards and a colleague then you're in the right place.


We go all ZOOM!

A result of the 2020 pandemic is we take practice online with some incredible benefits for personal negotiation skills development and practice. An inclusive, global community grows that offers practice across cultures, languages and experience. Things will never be the same again.