The club will be about providing practicing different Styles of Negotiation. Negotiations are a very important life of our lives and a very important aspect of businesses as well. So, If you are a law student and interested on how a negotiation process wo


The club will be mainly about practicing negotiating tactics in a buy and sell situation. Students will be able to practice this negotiation tips and hints after they have greatly understand the most important aspects of a negotiation process and why a negotiation is very important when dealing in a transaction. I will be able to assist you with whatever request you have regarding thiis area. You can contact me whenever you want and then I will assist you. Do not hesitate to contact me. We are very excited for everyone who joins our club as we would like to say a big thank you for everyone who believes on us and the work that we do.


Some of the topics of the course will be:

Introduction to Negotiation 

Negotiation Styles

Negotiation tips and tricks

What to avoid in a negotiation 

Negotiation Tactics

Observation in a negotiation: The importance of it

Negotiation Skills 


Joining Fee: £35 (one-off)

Membership Subscription: £15 (monthly or you can pay all of it annually £150.