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Welcome to 'Club Charlie'. An Online Negotiation Club open to anyone who wants to meet fortnightly to practice their negotiation skills.


We meet nice and early (08:00 UK time) for 60 minutes for those that want a little practice before the joys of work or maybe this time is better suited for your global time zone?!

In any case we practice negotiation skills in a safe environment where we can try new ways to negotiate, make mistakes and grow together.  Our meetings are generally focussed on:

  • Building confidence with negotiation tactics.
  • Building competence with negotiation observation.
  • Building skills for managing multi-variables

We practice using the TNC Negotiation Cards (you get a Practice Deck when you join) and we plan to test our skills with some inter-club negotiation competitions.
Why attend?

  • It's all about self-development and improvement which is why we also give members the opportunity to have their say at the end of each session - we are constantly looking to improve!
  • It's NOT a passive Zoom lecture... 100% action! - An invaluable opportunity to actively practice negotiating and receive feedback
  • A chance to network with likeminded individuals who share your passion for self-development!
  • Learn a wide array of skills, from negotiation strategies and soft skills to drafting minutes and providing feedback.

Meetings Format:

  • 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each 2 month,
  • 60 minute meeting duration
  • Zoom Video

We want to provide our members with an opportunity to practice their negotiation skills with other TNC Club members from across the globe, bringing together a variety of experience, cultures and perspectives that deliver a hugely valuable experience.
If you are interested in joining the Charlie TNC Negotiation Club then you may observe as a Guest for up to 2 meetings before you make your choice to join.

Interested?... Come and be our guest by filling the guest form here .... GUEST FORM

Once we've had a chance to review we can send you a zoom link to register or contact the Club Owner for more details.

Joining Fee:                   £47 (One Off)
Subscription:                 £37 per month or (£370 single annual payment)