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Each month we select, we read and we review a Negotiation Book of your choice. BUT!!! ... we follow this up with an opportunity to actually give it a go and practice what we read!


There are some amazing negotiation books that have been written by some amazing negotiation experts and practitioners.

But the problem with every book is: “What do you do when you finish reading it?”

You can put it on the books shelf with a pat on your back and another one to “tick off the list” and all the time the lessons, examples and knowledge gradually fades away.

Alternatively, you can join a group that read the same book and then practice with you what they have read, developing your skills by making those valuable lessons your own personal experience so that you can become an even better negotiator.

Each month:

  • Read a Negotiation book
  • Review the lessons, tips and strategies
  • Practice those lessons, tips and strategies
  • Recommend to others the best way to gain more “book value” through practice.

Membership Privileges:

  • Each member received a “Practice Deck” of Negotiation Cards
  • Each member receives Negotiation Cards “Tactics Deck”
  • Each month a negotiation book is delivered to your address
  • Each month the group convenes by zoom to:
    • Discuss the book.
    • Identify the books practical practice tactics, tips or strategies.
    • Practice these with other group members using Negotiation Cards.
    • Propose new Tactic Cards inspired from the book.
    • Score a review of the book.
  • Every 6 months the members receive an updated Tactics Deck constructed by the groups submission tactics, tips and strategies.

Joining Fee:              £87

Subscription:             £38/month