The Kinetic Online Negotiation Club provides a fantastic opportunity for a global membership of individuals and teams to come together and practice their negotiation skills through a Zoom format.


Negotiating is a skill we all use every day! However, many of us often associate negotiations with buying a car or a kitchen, and not necessarily when we communicate with our loved ones and children.

In business, negotiation is the key to success. No business leader, entrepreneur or solopreneur can serve their clients without an understanding of this skill.

Within organisations, negotiation skills can lead to career advancement. Whether as a leader of people or an employee, the ability to negotiate with confidence is vital to improving your success at work.

During our Kinetic Negotiation Sessions, individuals and teams practice their skills and support each participants development.

Founded in July 2020 our online club was started by Kingsley Johnson to provide x4 online 90 minute negotiation practice sessions over 4 weeks.

We practice online using a combination of Negotiation Cards, Zoom breakout rooms, observation and feedback to deliver an experience that is both engaging and fun.

If you are interested in organising a corporate programme for your team or visiting a club meeting to watch, participate and ask questions then contact the Club Owner to arrange a date.