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The TNC Online Negotiation Club provides a fantastic opportunity for a global membership to come together and practice their negotiation skills through a Zoom format.


Founded in May 2020 our online club originally came together after members attended the "4x90 TNC Online Sessions" and now we continue to meet online for our own 90 minute negotiation practice between 17:30 and 19:00 (GMT).

Membership background is broad, consisting of a range of professionals from Students, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Multinational Corporations who have all recognised this opportunity to support one another, practice together and develop our business negotiation skills through Practical Practice.

We practice online using a combination of Negotiation Cards, Zoom break out rooms, observation and feedback to deliver an experience that is both engaging and fun.

However, being a member of this exclusive club gives you more.  It gives you an opportunity to practice your negotiation skills with members from across the globe who bring a variety of experience, cultures and perspectives that deliver a hugely valuable experience.

Membership is also an opportunity to take control of the club and learn how to create and manage successful clubs of our own, host our own meetings, facilitate our own brand of negotiation challenges and invite speakers of huge interest.

If you are interested in an online visit to a club meeting to watch, participate and ask questions then contact the Club Owner to arrange a date.


  • Fee:                            £27 per month
  • Invitation:                   Open


Saema Jaffer

Club Moderator

Sergio Meinardi

Club Moderator

Jona Hysa

Club Moderator

Andres Limones


Romina Muhametaj

Club Moderator

Kingsley Johnson

Club Moderator

Rob Patwary

Club Member

Annie Tam

Club Moderator