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The perfect place to come and practice your negotiation skills with others from across the globe on a simple Zoom format.


Founded in May 2020 our online club was born after members attended the TNC Practical Practice programme and became enlightened to the benefits of practicing this skill.

  • We meet for on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.
  • We practice for 90 minutes between 18:00 and 19:30 (GMT).

Membership background is broad with a range that includes students, business owners, entrepreneurs, other trainers and multinational corporations.  Each of us recognised this opportunity to support one another, practice together and develop our business negotiation skills through Practical Practice.

We use a combination of Negotiation Cards, zoom breakout rooms, observation and feedback to deliver an experience that is both safe, engaging and fun.

However, being a member of this exclusive club delivers so much more.  It provides us with an opportunity to practice our negotiation skills with members from across the globe, each bringing their own variety of experience, cultures and perspectives that delivers an experience more valuable than words can express.

Our members even have their own opportunity to take control of the club and develop their personal skills even further: givng them the potential to manage a successful negotiation club of their own in the future!

Interested?... Come and be our guest by filling the guest form here .... GUEST FORM 

Then join us online by visiting a club meeting in progress to watch, participate and ask questions or contact our Club Owner to arrange a date.


  • Joining Fee:               £47
  • Subscription:             £37 per month or £370 per year
  • Invitation:                  Open


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Club Owner


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