Your New Variable Mr Pandemic

Things are quite weird as companies begin to address the “new norm” that encompasses questions over working practices, a shifting of gears to take advantage of filling gaps in order books and planning for 2022.

Oh, how priorities change.

Take, for example the word “Pandemic

‘Pandemic’ is no longer just another word given fictitious value under the “force majeure” category… it has meaning; every single one of us now has experience of it.

Dare I say it but ‘Pandemic’ has escalated its value and interest as a negotiation variable to levels we will never see again.

?What does this mean?

?What does this change?

?What should we do about it?

Of course, the “planning pundits” will say you need to “plan to ensure your ‘Pandemic’ term takes high priority”… which is, of course, correct.

?But what will the other party think of that?

?How will they respond, what will they say?

?…. what will they want in exchange?!

It’s easy to say we want an enhanced term to cover “Pandemic” but this is a #negotiation.


Don’t think, for one minute, this is going to be an easy conversation. Which means you absolutely must practice this, assess how important the term is and what value it has.

If you’ve been instructed to negotiate ‘pandemic’ terms then sitting across your video call with the other party to negotiate without any role play or practice is, quite frankly …. Stupid.

My advice … Practice with your new variable Mr Pandemic first.


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