Women's Cricket team practice negotiations

"Women’s Cricket Professionals… Are Practicing Negotiation Skills… but why?"

The other month I had the amazing opportunity to deliver a face-to-face negotiation practice workshop with the professional women’s cricket team aka The Sunrisers Squad at Edgbaston Cricket Club.  They represent London and the East and are one of eight regional teams in English domestic women’s cricket and compete in the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy and the Charlotte Edwards Cup.

The Negotiation Club (TNC) was asked as part of the awesome support provided by The Professional Cricketers' Association and is hot on the heals of the negotiation workshop delivered to the mens team at Nottingham County Cricket Club.

You may be asking:


The answer is simple… EVERYONE NEGOTIATES!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO of the largest firms in the world, the founder of your own business, a student studying for a degree, a father/mother trying to get the kids to bed… or a professional athlete!

The reality is #negotiation is a skill we all need.

That’s not to say you don’t already negotiate or that you need to improve. Negotiation is a universal skills we develop as part of our human strengths.

But the difference is that a little practice goes a long, long…. long way!

For professional athletes the sporting career can be a short one where value has to be maximise as efficiently as possible and the skills developed will support after the career move.

This 2 hour, in person workshop introduced simple yet fundamental awareness for our athletes to consider and gave them a pathway to continue to practice.

? Some special hints to get the best deal.

? Some insight on how to read the other party.

? Some tactics to deliver confidence.

I want to thank both the Sunrisers squad and Charlie Mulraine for their super involvement and I wish them all the very best now and in the future!


The Negotiation Club (TNC) deliver "in-person" AND "zoom" based negotiation practice workshops that make a real difference!


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