Why I embraced The Negotiation Club (TNC) philosophy

I've just read what I knew but wasn't able to express easily: "It seems that simply being aware that you can improve your results can have a positive impact on your results."

(Blog by Sergio Menard, TNC Club Owner - Italia)

The research found that for those who approach negotiations with a positive attitude and high expectations, they would tend to perform well; and when it's the most important scholar authority in the world about negotiation that publishes it, you know it's true.

The above statement means that you can start a virtuous circle: 

  • you know you can influence the outcome of a negotiation -> 
  • ... you get a good result -> 
  • ... you persuade yourself you can do even better -> 
  • ... you raise your expectations -> 
  • ... you get better outcomes!

It's all about "being aware that you can improve your results".

The 'Taster' sessions at TNC gives you that opportunity in addition to the opportunity to understand that negotiation doesn't need to be:

  1. STRESSFUL... if you know what you're doing and why
  2. THREATENING... when you learn to recognize counterpart's tactics

All of that in a safe and inexpensive way.

Read the article here.


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