When we practice going in blind!

For those who have their own Negotiation Cards, or those of you that have experienced them in the TNC practice arena, you'll know that our Seller has a “Break-Even” point and our Buyer has a “Budget” point which creates the friction of a negotiation.

Well, recently I’ve been practicing at the Thursday Negotiation Club (two Thursday every month at 18:00 GMT) but I’ve been doing something very sneaky!

I’ve NOT been looking at my cards when we start to negotiate!

If there’s a word that describes the feelings of going into the negotiation without knowing my Budget it’s … relief!

Yes! You read that right… “relief”.

Because when I then start my practice I’m not worried about my number and it makes me 100% FOCUSSED on the other parties position!

It means I'm FOCUS entirely on achieving the most effective outcome by using my observation and negotiation skills.

It's only with 20 - 30 seconds left before the end of the negotiation that I will then turn my card over to see what I had and … then I can make a decision as to whether I can/should accept.

So for those that have their cards I would suggest just try it out and see what you can achieve WITHOUT knowing your fall-back position… you might be pleasantly surprised!

If you don’t have Negotiation Cards then… I guess you’re not practicing your negotiation skills. But if you want a Practice Negotiation Deck then you can find them for sale on the TNC website and … everything is negotiable!


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