Value in a negotiation is a curious thing.

Right now there are many events occurring across the globe that clearly demonstrates the need to have flexibility in your negotiations and curiosity in order to achieve the most desired outcome.

“Value in a negotiation can be a curious thing … how do you practice it?”

Within the last 24-48 hours the UK marketplace for fuel has been turned on its head with demand skyrocketing and supply shrinking.  It’s not that people are travelling further or we don’t have the fuel; it’s just in the wrong place!  As a lack of truck drivers has exasperated a hidden but growing problem which is now plain to see and overtly obvious.

Our negotiations can take the same twists and turns with agreements very recently signed soon being superseded by events and requiring a revisit/revision.

How should you proceed with such quick change requests?  How do you manage the relationships, the expectations the desired outcomes?

There are no simple answers, quick wins or magic unicorn sticks but there is “dialogue.”

As in all things negotiation, simplicity is the key!

The first action is to pick up the phone or jump on a zoom to talk to your counter part… even if they may not have spoken to you.

Relationships need dialogue like a plant needs water.

If you want an opportunity to practice identifying value in a negotiation you have your opportunity right now….make the call, enquire about the well-being of the other party…

  • “How is the fuel situation affecting you?”
  • “What plans are you thinking of implementing?”
  • “Should we consider any contingencies?”
  • “What could we do to help?”

It might be you can not help but within 10 minutes you will add value to your relationship and you may even uncover opportunities for the future.


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