The University of Law has style

When a crowd of future lawyers come to practice… it was all about STYLE!

Yesterday we had an amazing group of young lawyers all in the midst of studying with the amazing University of Law to practice their negotiation skills at the amazing TNC.

Although we all started as individuals without any prior connection we ended 90 minutes with (what I felt) was a sense of purpose as a group, with many connections being made, with engagement and support being given and over 40 negotiations (FORTY!!!!) conducted …. with a bonus finally, courtesy Zainab and Thomas to make it an incredible 41 in total!

The technology didn’t fail us and the participation was 100%….. no OBSERVERS this time!

20 people = 20 different negotiation styles

  • Some chose the “friendly” approach.
  • Some chose the “factual” approach.
  • Some chose the “emotional’ approach, and
  • Some chose the “numerical brian storming” approach.

It really didn’t matter what approach or what style we each took in our negotiations; what really matters is that we all started our critically important first steps on a journey of “negotiation style discovery”

Why is style so important?

Through practice we will discover our own styles and so we will experience first hand when it works well and when it works badly.  With each discovery we can reflect, we can learn and we can broaden that style of ours.

As we broaden our style of negotiation … we will become more successful in more negotiations.


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