The Negotiation Club Takes A Stand!

There're a lot of "firsts" going on at the moment and signing up to a stand at a show is one for me.

Like many industries out there 2019 has proven to be a challenging year for many in the Recruitment, HR and the Talent space.

The lack of clarity over Brexit has led to uncertainty over future sourcing and talent pipelines to help deal with skills shortages and the increasing pace of digital transformation also brings its own demands with recruitment teams needing to understand the nature of digital skills and how to find and assess them.

There's no doubt in my mind that negotiation skills are more important than ever in navigating these turbulent waters and by taking a stand at this event we hope we can start to impress the need to build physical engagement through practical practice activities.

It's a first for us and we hope the first of many opportunities.

Maybe we'll see you or your colleagues there.


2 weeks ago

Being deaf should never stop you learning this life skill!

Negotiation skills training for deaf and hard of hearing.
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Don't make an ASS of U and ME

You need to plan for your negotiations but your plans will include assumptions. Always test those assumptions.
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A Transactional Mindset Problem?!

How do I move from a transactional negotiation mindset? You practice with freedom to make mistakes.