Practice with Cricket Stars

The best of the best practice on AND off the field! ... I take negotiation practice to professional sports stars!

I stand at 6'2" and it's very rare I have to look upwards in a session but that changed biggly when I delivered The Negotiation Club (TNC) workshop at Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club as part of the amazing work through The Professional Cricketers' Association!

Professional sports know that without practice they can not compete at the top of their game and it's NO different with top negotiators.

But if there is a difference then perhaps it's that when you practice cricket you need a bat & ball and when you practice negotiation you need a set of Negotiation Cards.

However, I truly enjoyed this session and was massively impressed with the energy and drive everyone had.  It might not be your regular 'business' cohort but it was superb.

I look forward to more in the future.

ps ... what an amazing venue at Notts Cricket Club! Seriously... if you're in Nottingham and want to run an event then that's a great place to go!


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