Practice Like It’s for Real

What’s the one huge difference between practice and the ‘real’…. the ‘real’ matters! But remember ... how well you perform in practice, how great the results in practice…. don’t have any value beyond that day.

The fact that real time negotiations matter brings with it all sorts of baggage related to expectations, focusing on results, comparing yourself with others and fear of failure.

Consider two important Negotiation Practice Rules;

1 - Whatever you do in the real world you must first do in practice.

If you want to perform technically and tactically well, you better get those techniques and those tactics down in practice first.

2 - Whatever you do in practice is what you will do in the real.

The purpose of practice is to develop effective skills and habits that will translate into great performances on game day.  But there’s a problem: we can often practice bad skills and habits in practice.  If you practice sloppy technique (not intentionally, of course), that’s what you become good at and that’s what comes out in your negotiation.

“Practice is the foundation of continued success.”


In any negotiation practice there is no longer an excuse not to video your session, review, reflect and learn.  It’s much much better to practice with those that are prepared to give you constructive feedback, pinpoint what doesn’t work for you and help you overcome any weaknesses.  Each Club Member will have their own unique experiences when it comes to negotiations so share these openly and bring that real world into your practice world.

Recognising that practice is what you do that determines whether you do or do not achieve your goals is a law of nature.  So, just like the best athletes, for you to be the best negotiators you can be you must be serious about your practice in every area that impacts your performances including physical, technical, tactical, and mental.


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