Practice Consistency Delivers Results

Consistency is what often separates the Great from the Good but how do you build that into your practice regime?

Some people are seen to have a "natural" talent for negotiations and although this can play a big role, to perform at the highest levels talent is still not enough by itself.  

Dependable results come from consistent preparation in every aspect of your business and your personal life.

Superstars have an unfaltering focus and a specific mindset that they adopt before every practice session.  So your mind, just like theirs, regardless of the circumstances, needs to have the right attitude and a level of steadfast confidence to reach an ideal level of practice intensity for every exercise.  And whether you are at the practice table or the real negotiation table …. never give up.

Consistently great performances will come from consistency in your practice efforts.

Rules for Consistent Practice:

  • The best way to build this consistency is to have clearly defined goals for every practice session.
  • Treat any negotiation practice session like a professional meeting.
  • Agree an Agenda for specific topics as well as who will be practicing and who will be observing.
  • Always video your negotiations and even consider recording the review and observational feedback.
  • Results should be documented for future reference and performance measures.

However, the number one, most important, don't leave home without it rule is....

Create and stick to a Practice Routine!

Don’t let this become yet another dusty gym membership because the price of poor performance will cost you dearly and you might never even know it.


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