Planning is not Execution

“If you ONLY plan for success, you will FAIL at execution”

We get told time and time again how negotiation planning is critical to negotiation success.

We get told time and time again “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”.

We get told so many times that one would be mistaken for thinking that with enough planning our negotiation success is guaranteed.

BAD NEWS!… “If you ONLY plan for success, you will FAIL at execution”

Successful negotiations are achieved with 2 critical elements:

  1. Job knowledge
  2. Personal Skill

Those of you lucky enough to have practiced on the TNC Module have seen just how this plays out.


  • All your experience
  • All your planning
  • All your strategising
  • All your known relationships


  • Active Listening
  • Questioning
  • Observation
  • Numeracy
  • Tactics
  • Problem Solving

It’s ONLY the combination of these two elements that is going to give you the potential for the most effective negotiated outcome.

  • So is it me?
  • Am I the one missing something here?
  • I just don’t get it?

Like I said, we’re surrounded by examples exerting the need for Planning but where is the fervent shout for Training AND Practice?

It boggles my mind why our business leaders fail to recognise this too.

Case in point … Successful football teams will:

  • Analyse the other team before a match,
  • they will plan the formations,
  • they will plan the game play,
  • they will plan the which players to use,
  • they will plan substitutions,
  • they will plan for contingencies.

… But they will be practicing their skills EVERY DAY before they go into that game!

Please … don’t make the mistake that the more you plan for your negotiation the more successful you will be.

It’s why I created The negotiation Cub … so we could bloody practice!

So add another mantra to your library…

“If you fail to practice … you practice to fail”


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