Oxford University Law Students

Oxford University Law Students… Zoom me in person to practice negotiation skills!

So last week the University of Oxford Law Society had me deliver the TNC workshop on Mastering Negotiation Practice and it was like being in Star Trek as I was beamed in via #Zoom on the big screen to deliver the workshop to a budding group of future lawyers.

Little did they know this was not going to be your average Negotiation-Death-By-Powerpoint experience.

Instead there was lot’s of noise, lot’s of negotiation practice and lot’s of energy.

A combination of Negotiation Cards and Zoom interaction paved the way for a night of learning and everyone finished with a high.

90 minutes is not a long time in a lifetime journey of personal development but it is “one giant step” when you consider almost no one in business (lawyers or otherwise) ever practice their negotiation skills like this.

Well done to all those that participated and all the very best on your negotiation competitions and budding careers…. may your negotiation skills serve you well.


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