CIPS Australia and UK Practice Together

Look Out! ... CIPS members from Australia & UK will get a chance to practice their negotiation skills together next week with the TNC!

We are hugely excited to be running a negotiation “Practical Practice” workshop for 2 branches of the CIPS stationed at the opposite ends of the world!

That’s because at 08:30 BST on Tuesday 16th August we will have 12 intrepid CIPS members from New South Wales, Australia, joining 12 intrepid members from the South of England!

Now I’m not going to say there’ll be any rivalry but ‘The Ashes’ do come to mind ? and I know the CIPS committee members from both branches are just as excite, having put a huge amount of effort into delivering value to their respective members.

That aside this is a great opportunity for professionals from different companies, different experiences and different countries to practice this hugely important skill.

… and mark my words … this is NOT your traditional #negotiation training!

This workshop is the bit (the most important bit) we miss from traditional training… the chance to practice the lessons from that training and right now, with so many price pressures, the need to be able to ensure you are achieving the best outcome in your negotiation is more important than ever.

This workshop breaks the barrier for negotiation practice and showcases:

? How to practice negotiation skills with Negotiation Cards.

? How to practice the MOST CRITICAL SKILL of them all.

? How to practice YOUR style so you know how to develop further.

"In my 25 years as a Procurement Professional it is to my personal shame that I never had the opportunity to practice like this but I absolutely want to make sure this option is available for current and future professionals." - Philip Brown, Founder of The Negotiation Club


This workshop runs at 08:30 on Tuesday morning but there is an OPEN and FREE TNC Taster also running on Tuesday but after work at 18:30 BST.

Head over to the TNC Events page and book your place... you won't regret it as you get the chance to find out how to practice your negotiation skills with others.

Remember… we all negotiate every day but, just like champions, only those that invest time and effort to practice will make it to the top!


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