Check Out The TNC Cocktail Table

Check Out The Super Cool Negotiation "Cocktail" Table which Premiers at the IHRE 2019 Show in Birmingham.

On Tuesday we will be at the In-House Recruitment Summit 2019 located at Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham.

This will be our first public show since the negotiation taster sessions which we've been delivering across the country.

Negotiation Training Takes An Innovative Step...

In preparation we’ve invested in a big picture of me (actually banners that are very informative) and an absolutely cool cool coooooool cocktail table!

Yep, got this idea from when I was a productions parts buyer in the automotive industry many moons ago (as well as enjoying a game of poker or two at the casinos) where there was a focus on simplification and reducing moving parts.

In this case, the design of the “Negotiation” (cocktail) table easily makes it clear that there is a Buyer, a Seller and two possible Observer roles.

Nice and simple which means when you come and visit our little stall you can dive straight into a jolly fun negotiation with us (or a tame friend)!

Want to know more about the IHRE2019 event then head over here!

And if you want to try the table then let us know when and where.

"Cocktails anyone?"


2 weeks ago

Being deaf should never stop you learning this life skill!

Negotiation skills training for deaf and hard of hearing.
8 months ago

Don't make an ASS of U and ME

You need to plan for your negotiations but your plans will include assumptions. Always test those assumptions.
1 year ago

A Transactional Mindset Problem?!

How do I move from a transactional negotiation mindset? You practice with freedom to make mistakes.