Being deaf should never stop you learning this life skill!

On Monday I met an extraordinary young lady who joined others to learn how to practice her negotiation skills. She was well spoken, articulate, had great questions and threw herself into the negotiation practices.

Nothing particularly unusual except for one major difference …. in this case she was unable to hear a single word that was spoken.

Instead, we used Zoom Live Transcription … literally taking what we said and creating text to be read in real time.

It was inspiring to see how inclusive the practice session could be and how technology is opening up opportunities that would once have been impossible.

The Negotiation Cards were a perfect visual creator for the negotiation scene; simple enough that at a glance everyone knew the positions without the fanfare of creating complexity and confusion.

Negotiation skills are life skills and it was an absolute joy to be able to open a brand new door in the TNC chapter to support even more young people that want to develop, grow and be successful.

Video conferencing technology continues to progress and after 12 months of a Pandemic that has turned in-person contact upside down it is nice to see some silver linings.  

Maybe we can create even more opportunities.


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