Australia and UK Negotiation Practice

You might ask .... “What does Negotiation Practice look like between Australia and the UK?”

This morning (by UK time) or this afternoon (by Australian time) there was a group of individuals from opposite sides of the globe practicing their negotiation skills!

These highly professional individuals with vast experiences included Legal, Procurement, Education, Government and Private Sector, came together over zoom to use the TNC Negotiation Cards to practice.

All were members of the CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) with many having had experience of what I call ‘traditional negotiation training’ in the past.

But there is nothing traditional about this session though as EVERYONE threw themselves into negotiation practice and what a great great group it was.

  • Does culture impact negotiations?
  • Does language impact them?
  • What about experience?
  • What about age?
  • Perhaps the time of day?

In reality there are many many influences that can impact your negotiated outcome but there is no doubt that a little practice will go a long long way.

Today there was plenty of questions, insights and viewpoints that gave the workshop a massive kick of learning.  So many experienced individuals were able to share their own experiences and considerations which is so so important to those that are perhaps less experienced or new to the roles.

… never think that you are too experienced not to receive or to provide benefits to those you practice with.

So what does negotiation practice look like between Australia and the UK … it look great and I look forward to many many more opportunities to spread the word….

"practice, practice and… practice!"

No matter where you are!


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