A Transactional Mindset Problem?!

We’re seeing more and more our young purchasing professionals and unseasoned negotiators getting stuck in a transactional frame of mind, either unaware of how to effectively negotiate or lacking the confidence to engage in negotiation.

  • How did we get into this situation?
  • What are the signs?
  • Could Brexit have been so different?

OK ... so the last question will be debated until the ends of the earth but only by us Brits and since we're not the only earthly inhabitants the chances are that many of those other planetary inhabitants really don't give a damn.... (Negotiation tip maybe? ie... people have different drivers that don't always align with your own)

However, getting stuck in a "Transactional Mindset" when negotiating can be hugely costly to a business and yet we often see administrative systems, cultural belligerence  and ignorant leadership trapping our potential superstars into this dreadful mindset.

It’s a practical practice problem and until now there was no commercial way to frequently practice negotiation skills.

Oh yes, we may send our teams on negotiation courses because isn't this what everyone does to improve skills ... but we still have a major problem;

”How do your teams practice negotiation AFTER their training?”

Whether a person is a ‘Negotiation Novice’ or a ‘Negotiation Ninja’ who's wanting to practice simple individual or highly complex team negotiations you need the resources on hand.  I unashamedly state that Negotiation Cards® are the perfect perfect perfect resource to do exactly this. Like a football in your sports bag you could literally grab the person next to you have a quick kick around, or in this case a simple 3 minute negotiation.

Even during our times at school, many many moons ago, we knew that proficiency, expertise and confidence in our sports could only be attained through regular practice and yet we fail time and time again to tackle this at a business level for both ourselves and our staff.

Consider your teams meeting just twice a month for 30 - 60 minutes to practice negotiation skills, discussing real world challenges and supporting each other to be better.  Imagine how their experience, confidence and creativity will grow while they also lose that transactional mindset.  You’re in a much better position to tell me what the potential benefits could be.

So ... don't stifle your teams potential in the Premier League by practicing like you're in the Sunday League.

It's not a risk but a forgone conclusion that you're relegating your teams potential by limiting their negotiation potential ... Stand up, be the team captain they deserve and make their practice part of your success.


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