A ProcGenesis Negotiation Workshop

What do you get with 8 tentacles, a gang of young procurement professionals and some torn trousers?

It seems the answer is a fantastic group from ProcGenesis practicing their negotiation skills.

That’s right, we had our negotiation practice masterclass last night and it was fun, practical and (torn trousers aside) very insightful. The best way to describe this is the first steps to learning how to really grown your negotiation skills… not through dictated theory but practical activity.

As Jan van de Snepscheut once said …

“In theory… there is no difference between theory and practice.

In practice… there is.”

Well our goal is to balance the need for theory with the willingness to practice.

It goes something like this…

  • Have a go practicing
    • Theory: Understand Job Knowledge vs Personal Skill
  • Have a go practicing
    • Theory: Understand the Learning Curve
  • Have a go practicing
    • Theory: Negotiation is Problem Solving… with a twist
  • Have a go practicing
    • Theory: Observation is key
  • Have a go Practicing
    • Theory: No one can practice for you!


ProcGenesis, part of the Proctopus Network, was founded in May 2020 to support procurement professionals mental health, employ-ability and skills growth through networking, knowledge sharing and community building.  Their mission is to make the procurement community more engaged and the profession better understood.

ProcGenesis, which focuses on the procurement and supply chain professionals between the ages of 18 and 35, is headed by a group of Ambassadors: 

So this event allowed participants from ProcGenesis to join from across the globe and engage in a unique opportunity to practice, observe and learn real skills that will support real world negotiations!

"Having had a career spanning over 2 decades I can not wait to give something back to this great network of procurement professionals.  To share the lessons I've learnt (and perhaps some mistakes I've made) by delivering a practical practice in negotiation skills.... awesome. "

Phil Brown, CEO and TNC Founder


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